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The legal challenges of small businesses have never been more difficult. Government regulations, employer requirements, taxation, local statutes and business disputes take up so much time and expense that entrepreneurs and professionals cannot focus on their business’ growth. That’s why it’s important to work with a trusted business law firm that can handle these distractions. The experienced attorneys at the Byrnes Law Group provide sound legal advice and services for small businesses so you can focus on doing what you love.


Clients and other entities that fail to meet their financial obligations can creates a significant hardship for your small business. Profit margins are often difficult to maintain and the importance of others paying their fair share cannot be understated. Having experienced legal support on your side can make a major difference between getting paid or putting red ink in your ledger.

The Byrnes Law Group helps companies and individuals bear pressure on their debtors. When deadbeat accounts are confronted with the possibility of a civil lawsuit that could include interest, penalties and legal fees, they are motivated to prioritize your payment. When debtors continue to act unreasonably, our attorneys will seek a judgment on your behalf.

Gaining a judgment through civil litigations opens the door to garnish bank accounts, wages and other revenue streams. If the debtor attempts to claim their wealth should be exempt or files a bankruptcy, our firm will move to block these erroneous defenses and fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

Mechanic’s Liens

Construction projects often involve a general contractor spearheading the work and subcontractors taking on niche responsibilities. Financial problems with the owner or general contractor, unsigned and unpaid change-orders, withheld retainages or disingenuous backcharge claims can cause a paralyzing cash flow nightmare for small business owners. Regardless of why the parties encounter a dispute, it would be unfair for the property owner to be unjustly enriched due to your labor and materials.

In matters that involve contract and construction claims, placing a mechanic’s lien on real property can be an effective method to recouping potential losses. Filing a mechanic’s lien on your behalf puts debtors on notice that you intend to pursue full compensation. The threat of the sale of their property often leads to resolution. But when a fair settlement cannot be reached, the Byrnes Law Group will obtain a lien and sell the property to get your bill paid.

Work With An Experienced Maryland Small Business Attorney

At the Byrnes Law Group, our team works with small businesses to handle distracting legal matters so that you can apply your skills and maximize profits. If you have a business law matter that requires resolution or would like to discuss the benefits of an ongoing legal advisor, call today.

The Byrnes Law Group is dedicated to fighting for the rights and interests of people in Maryland. If you have a personal injury, family law, or business matter that would benefit from trusted legal representation, contact us today for a FREE consultation.

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