Family law can span quite a large area of life. It stretches from such happy events as adoptions and the blending of new families, to the pain and fear of divorce and domestic violence.


Anyone who has experienced a divorce can tell you that it is a tragic and remarkably painful time in any person’s life. And in the midst of all of the emotion, any number of decisions must be rationally made, each of which has its own lifelong implications. And in order to have any hope of fair treatment, you need a lawyer to help you navigate the issues and deal competently with the other side. Among the issues that must be resolved are:

  • Division of Property
  • Child Custody and Visitation
  • Alimony


Property division deals with anything from the value of a home, 401Ks, the value of a business, cars, boats and other expensive things, to who gets various kitchen utensils. The name on the title is but one among many factors which determine who gets what and how much they get. And don’t make the mistake of presuming that everything will be split 50/50 by a court. These decisions are extremely complicated and should never be handled without an attorney.

The goal is always to achieve an amicable settlement on these issues. But if your spouse won’t be reasonable, our attorneys won’t hesitate to litigate any unresolved legal issues.

Custody and Child Support

Child custody is one of the most litigated issues in America. When parents split, that tragedy necessarily affects the children in terms of where they live, when they live there, and how often they see each parent. And there are many factors that affect it, including each parent’s relationship with the children, any history of violence, drug abuse or emotional and psychiatric problems, just to name a few. These matters are extremely complicated, often overlapping, and must be properly brought before a court.

Child support has become much simpler in recent years. Maryland has adopted a standard method to calculate child support obligations. But as with anything, one size never fits all. Between income calculations, health insurance, extra medical expenses, the length of time each child spends with each parent, and even whether a parent has access to public benefits can be factors. How child support is presented to the court and calculated can have a lasting impact on your household finances for years, which is why our attorneys are dedicated to getting you the best possible result.


Many marriages function with one person acting as the primary wage earner and the other as the primary caregiver and homemaker. Each role brings value to the partnership and it would be fundamentally unfair for a homemaker to be left in difficult financial straits following a divorce. Alimony is designed to prevent needless poverty and in many cases, to put the other spouse in the best position to get the education they need to rejoin the workforce. Getting a fair alimony ruling can make the difference between a meaningful future after the marriage and potential bankruptcy and dependence.

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